User's Guide: Pencil Skirts

Sep 6th 2017

We have all heard a friend say "I never use it. I don't know when to wear it or what to pair it with!"

We all have this kind of situation with some item in our closet. However, a pencil skirt is a basic and a must in our wardrobe! It adds a touch of elegance and works well for any type of body (no, not just for the skinny types). It's perfect for those occasions in which pants just don't cut it. 

A pencil skirt can be a life saver. If you choose the right top to wear it with, you'll have a killer outfit. 

Some advantages of wearing a pencil skirt...

- It's flattering for your body

- You do not need to have long and skinny legs to pull it off (that's a myth)

- It's versatile. You can dress it down or dress it up

And to use it?

- The ideal length is knee-length. It'll make you feel comfortable

- If the skirt has a slit at the back, wear it during the day. If the slit is on the side, wear it at night

- Shoes depend on the occasion: casual, office, urban street, formal - there are no limits

Now some outfit ideas: 

1. Pencil Skirt + T-Shirt or Sweater 

If you're going for a casual look, pair your skirt with a simple t-shirt. If the weather's getting cooler, add a short-sleeve, long-sleeve or turtleneck sweater instead. 

2. Pencil Skirt + Crop Top

Depends on the occasion, but there are so many types of crop tops that you might even be able to find one for your office outfit (as long as the skirt is high-waisted, of course). 

3. Pencil Skirt + Basics

Pair your skirt with a basic neutral top. This is a safe outfit and you'll most likely find the items in your wardrobe already.