The Versatile Tweed

Aug 7th 2017

Accessories can change completely the look of our Tanapama Tweed Set. We can find some major inspiration on Chanel's 2017 cruise collection to create an original look and make one same outfit versatile for any type of event. Check out all of the different outfit ideas we found for inspiration: 

Romantic look: perfect accessory for the romantic and feminine girls? Pearls! You can choose to wear them in necklaces, tiaras, pearl-embroidered gloves, belts, pins, and more. 

Chain belts: you can give your look a twist with multi-color chain belts. Plus, it'll add elegance and make you look more sophisticated. 

"Girl power" look: perfect for the youthful and full of energy! You can choose among hats and gloves to add that urban touch, or oversized accessories -  it'll be a total hit. 

Chic look: add some of the trendiest pieces of the moment, such as a rustic hat or bag. 

Denim: you can mix and match your tweed pieces with jeans, a denim top, or a denim jacket. You'll get a casual yet elegant look with different textures. 

Fun and youthful: pair your tweed shorts with colourful t-shirts and add a cap for an urban street look. 

Let your imagination take over and have fun while dressing and creating your outfits! Share your outfits with us via social media by tagging us @tanapama!