The Versatile Crochet

Aug 17th 2017

What do you think of these dress and skirts in white crochet? They're a must and you'll get a fresh, elegant and trendy look in summer colors! 

Let's talk about the beautiful crochet fabric of these white skirts. The white crochet pencil skirt, midi in length, is very elegant and casual/chic at the same time. Try matching it with different kinds of tops for an afternoon event. 

If you're attending an evening event, pair it with a more sophisticated top (perhaps an off-shoulder top or linen blouse with a metallic belt).

White crochet looks good for both a casual and more formal look. In both cases, you'll definitely captivate!

What about colorful crochet? Beautiful! Colorful crochet is the new black, at least for summer. Check out this gorgeous coral crochet skirt below - the color goes well with any type of skin color! You'll look spectacular!

Simply create different fun and casual outfits and pair it with a summery top. Seriously, this trend has been called "the black dress of summer 2017"! 

Now this crochet dress in a light blue die for! Accesorize it depending on the occasion. For a romantic look, add some pearls or silk accents. For a casual look, add a thin leather belt. For a more formal look, add a pashmina or a blazer. Whatever you choose, you'll add your own twist to it. 

Now a more disruptive look! Break free from the ordinary with an olive green crochet dress. Crochet + daring color = showstopper!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Outfits...

You can choose to multiply your outfits by mix and matching the elements. Especially with the skirts, there are so many different styles you can go for by matching them with different tops. Get more out of your investment by mixing and matching!