Confessions of a Dress

Sep 7th 2017

Memoirs of a dress that made me feel the queen of the night (interview to one of our customers):"What do you like the most about your dress?"- The long sleeves. They're so chic and elegant and made me … read more

User's Guide: Pencil Skirts

Sep 6th 2017

We have all heard a friend say "I never use it. I don't know when to wear it or what to pair it with!"We all have this kind of situation with some item in our closet. However, a pencil skirt is a basi … read more

Black in Summer? Why Not?

Sep 5th 2017

Sure, we do love bright colors in summer - but sometimes we just want to give them a rest. Stand out from the ordinary and go for an unexpected and classic color. Black is always the new black an … read more

The Versatile Crochet

Aug 17th 2017

What do you think of these dress and skirts in white crochet? They're a must and you'll get a fresh, elegant and trendy look in summer colors! Let's talk about the beautiful crochet fabric of the … read more

The Versatile Tweed

Aug 7th 2017

Accessories can change completely the look of our Tanapama Tweed Set. We can find some major inspiration on Chanel's 2017 cruise collection to create an original look and make one same outfit versatil … read more